About Right Manufacturing

Right Manufacturing is a U.S.-based manufacturer of quality metal products, with a 20,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in San Diego, California. Our history of over 30 years in business strengthens our resolve to offer our customers a full range of turnkey and component manufacturing with the most efficient combination of quality, flexibility, reliability and price.

  • Range of Services:  Right Manufacturing provides the following capabilities in its San Diego facility:

    • sheet metal

    • tube bending

    • machining

    • welding

    • finishing

    • quality assurance

    • assembly, packaging and logistics

  • San Diego Facility:  Our 20,000 square foot manufacturing facility includes quality sheet metal, tube bending, machining and welding equipment.  We manage production using the latest Lean Manufacturing techniques to offer quick turnaround of prototypes and production runs of all sizes.  Our 5,000 square foot warehouse facility allows us to package, assemble and stock finished goods and components, and offer our customers true JIT delivery.